The Gherkin, London - Thursday 14th June 2018

One of the impacts of digital transformation is that the role of the IT function now needs to rapidly evolve.

The imperatives of keeping critical business systems up and running, controlling costs and ensuring security and compliance are as important as ever. However, CIOs are now increasingly focused on harnessing new digital opportunities, to deliver key strategic objectives enabling profitable growth and mitigating competitive risk.

We have a perfect storm of technology advancements that are disrupting industries more than ever before. The opportunities that stem from digital transformation, cloud systems, artificial intelligence, analytics and the Internet of Things are so far reaching, that organisations that don't sufficiently invest in innovation risk being left behind.

With so much at stake, cost optimisation is a key strategic imperative to free up resources so as to increase investment in innovation and digital initiatives. And one area that many organisations have scope for really significant savings is the traditional legacy software vendor model for maintaining ERP systems, including maintenance and support fees.

Rimini Street, the leading third-party provider of enterprise software support services, is hosting this breakfast briefing to explore the current state of innovation and driving through digital transformation projects and addressing questions such as:
* Are you spending enough on innovation?
* Do you have the skills to accelerate through transformation projects?
* With hybrid cloud environments on the increase, are we introducing more cost/complexity or reducing it?
* Is your roadmap to a new ERP platform fully understood and costed?
* Can "lights on" spend actually be reduced in the current environment?

During the briefing, we will give examples of what and how other organisations have ignited their transformation initiatives by more effectively managing mature ERP applications in collaboration with new digital investments.

There will also be time set aside for participants to share experience with one another on the evolving role of the IT function and how to quicken the pace towards ensuring that digital becomes a core business competency.


  • 08.00 Registration, refreshments and networking
  • 08.30 Welcome and introduction
  • 08.40 The current state of innovation and digital transformation
    Paul Hope, Marketing Director, Rimini Street
  • 09.10 Leveraging cost optimisation strategies to fund innovation
    Willie Carr, Account Director - UK and Ireland, Rimini Street
  • 09.40 Roundtable discussion and shared experiences
  • 10.10 Review of Discussion/Summary
  • 10.30   Closing Remarks

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