Swan, Shakespeare's Globe, London ~ 12:15 - 15:15 Wednesday 26th June 2019

2025 is an important year for any organisation running legacy ERP systems with Oracle and SAP. With pressure mounting on IT budgets, in-house technical skills and hardware infrastructure, every organisation needs to recognise the roadblocks ahead before fully committing to the cloud.

Most IT roadmaps today include taking advantage of cloud consumption and deployment models. Many organisations have made the choice to move from a vendor-dictated roadmap to a "Business-Driven Roadmap" strategy designed around their business objectives, not the enterprise software vendors' objectives. You will move critical systems when your business is ready, based on your roadmap.

Your organisation has undoubtedly migrated many things like desktops, storage, or data warehouses to the cloud, but if you have invested heavily in your existing ERP solution, now may not be the best time to transition these critical systems.

Here are three reasons why:
* Risk: Vendors often promise a seamless transition to the cloud, but if you've made mission-critical customisations to your ERP software, your cloud migration could be a rocky one.
* Cost: Migrating your ERP to the cloud or SaaS means handing maintenance over to your ERP vendor, and this often includes many hidden costs. As one analyst recently pointed out, "Vendors think scale and pricing only work one way - up."
* Vendor support limitations: ERP vendors are great at supplying software but far less effective when it comes to providing high-quality service tailored to your organisation's individual needs.

Join this free-to-attend lunch briefing to learn how to reduce the time pressure of the 2025 deadline, regain control of your IT roadmap while pushing down IT running costs, and redirect funds to critical digital transformation projects.


  • 12.15 Registration
  • 12.30 Lunch & networking
  • 13.00 Welcome and introduction
    Willie Carr, Account Executive Rimini Street
  • 13.15 Regain Control of Your IT Roadmap (Interactive workshop)
    Bruce Gribbon, Account Director - UK and Ireland, Rimini Street

  • 14.15 Roundtable discussion and shared experiences
  • 15.00 Review of discussion/summary
  • 15.15 Closing remarks

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