Swan, Shakespeare's Globe, London ~ 12:00 - 14.00 Tuesday 12th November 2019

We are now entering the Age of Intelligent Automation. It will happen faster and have a greater impact than the industrial revolution. A new wave of automation opportunities is breaking over organizations, focused on bridging gaps between existing operational models and the demands of new digital propositions.

Organizations need the agility to innovate in response to changes and new challengers in their market. The advent of RPA and AI to digitalize and automate expensive, manual, error-prone tasks and provide cognitive services to the back office is a huge step in that transformation. A truly strategic approach to automation - one that reflects the true needs of digital transformation initiatives - needs more, and that's where Intelligent Process Automation comes in.

Intelligent Process Automation platforms give organizations the power to look beyond tactical task automation opportunities and build end-to-end automation strategies that embrace and extend the value of people, process, and point technologies, orchestrating the tasks of robots and humans across the internal value chain.

Join this event to hear insights and customer stories from pioneers in the automation space - Automation Anywhere and Bizagi - that will help you cross the digital chasm and unlock the true digital transformation in your business.


  • 12.00 Registration, Lunch & Networking
  • 12.45 Welcome and Introduction
    Ed Middleton, Head of Field Marketing EMEA at Bizagi
  • 12.55 Bridging the Digital Transformation Chasm
    Ed Middleton, Head of Field Marketing EMEA at Bizagi
    Ed will also discuss the ways in which Intelligent Process Automation bridges the gaps between existing operational models and the demands of new digital propositions. Ed will also introduce the Intelligent Process Automation Platform, the enabler for agile, connected, engaging customer experiences, with customer examples.
  • 13.15 Empowering the Digital Workforce
    James Dening, VP & Digital Worker Evangelist at Automation Anywhere
    James Dening will discuss the ways in which companies in every sector are using automation to improve the way humans and technology interact, which Automation Anywhere describe as the Digital Workforce. He will outline how RPA can be deployed to best handle structured data, and how cognitive automation handles semi- or unstructured data.
  • 13.45 Q&A - Open Discussion
  • 14.00 Wrap Up and Networking
  • 14.15 Close


Ed Middleton
Head of Field Marketing EMEA

James Dening
VP & Digital Worker Evangelist
Automation Anywhere

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