The impacts of digital disruption are increasingly evident as the power of innovative new technologies transforms competitive landscapes. Whilst customer-driven digital initiatives become ever more important, traditional back-office functions are also now being digitally transformed to enhance collaboration and refocus around strategic development and agility, enabling growth and helping to mitigate competitive risk.

Digital transformation is not simply an option or an issue purely for IT and marketing teams. There are no departments or functions unaffected, no industry sectors that are immune.

Digital is now a strategic imperative and IT, finance, HR and marketing leaders all have key roles to play in seizing the opportunities and minimising the very real risks of survival in the digital era. Success requires agility, collaboration and innovation. And the need for agile, cross-functional teams, together with data-driven decision-making, cuts across any departmental silos and traditional corporate hierarchies.

The Digital Leadership Exchange is a programme of networking events, breakfast briefings and workshops, focused around digital transformation and designed for those needing to keep abreast of innovative technologies and who value opportunities to share best practice with their peers.

In an increasingly digital and interconnected world cyber security threats present an ever growing risk. So keeping-up-to-speed on the latest security innovations will be an ongoing theme within the programme.