Success increasingly depends upon embracing digital technologies, using the power and flexibility of the cloud, mobile devices, social media and data analytics to adapt to a rapid pace of change. Organisations facing digital disruption need to re-invent themselves, both by digitizing internal processes and channels to customers, but also creating entirely new digital business models.

Greater focus can be put on strategic planning, using predictive analytics for business insight, creating value and managing risk. Other priorities now coming more to the fore include: dealing with data governance and cyber security issues; establishing digital KPIs; cross-functional collaboration; and recognising the digital skills that will be needed.

Digital transformation involves much more than simply embracing new technology. So the whole top management team may need to take on some responsibility for developing and delivering a digital strategy, that might involve new styles of leadership and developing organisational culture.

The Digital Leadership Exchange brings together CEOs and their C-suite colleagues focused on delivering true digital transformation, combining the power of technology with a culture that embraces change. The need for agile, cross-functional teams, together with data-driven decision-making, cuts across any departmental silos and traditional corporate hierarchies. So to maximise the attendance benefits, we invite you to consider attending alongside one or more of your C-suite colleagues.

The concept of this senior-level best practice exchange is based on the premise that the ability to drive performance and change can be greatly enhanced by external connections with peers, facing similar challenges and opportunities. So the primary format is pre-arranged roundtable peer-to-peer discussion groups, which allow ideas to be shared and common challenges to be discussed, so that everyone can benefit from the collective experience within the group.

The programme will also include a wide range of digital transformation workshops, together with opportunities to attend consultant-led executive briefing sessions.

The CPD accredited Digital Leadership Exchange is a unique best practice event for C-suite executives, creating a productive, sleeves-up, working environment that enables participants to develop their digital plans and strategies.